One Seasonal Appetizer Dish

Chef Choice of 10pcs of Nigiri Sushi + One Hand Roll
(Fresh fish selection of the day)

Small Noodles Bowl





Two Seasonal Appetizer Dishes

Sashimi (5pcs)

Chef Choice of 10pcs of Nigiri Sushi + One Hand Roll
(Fresh fish selection of the day)

Small Noodles Bowl






Chef’s Choice of 10pcs of Nigiri Sushi + One Roll
(Fresh fish selection of the day)


Chef’s Choice of 12pcs of Sashimi
(Fresh fish selection of the day)




Edamame 5
Boiled soy bean

Spinach Ohitashi 5.75
Boiled spinach in dashi sauce

Gomaae 5.75
Boiled green bean or spinach with sesame sauce

Green Salad 6.50
With chef’s special dressing

Hiyashi Wakame 5.75
Seasoned with sesame oil flavour

Agedashi Tofu 6.50
Deep fried tofu

Hiyayako 5.50
Cold tofu with bonito flake

Yutofu 8.50
Hot tofu & veggies with ponzu sauce


Yakitori 8.50
Skewed chicken with yakitori sauce

Ox Tongue 12
Sprinkled with sea salt

Gindara 14.50
Marinated cod in saikyo miso

Yakinasu 6
Grilled egg plant in dashi sauce

Nasudengaku 8.50
Egg plant with sweet miso sauce

Ika Sugatayaki 16
Calamari with ginger sauce

Kamoyaki 15
Roasted duck breast stuffed with spinach

Hotate Oven Yaki 12
Grilled scallop with miso mayo

Chicken Teriyaki 13.50

Salmon Teriyaki 13.50

Beef Teriyaki 15


Shiitake & Asparagus 9
Mushrooms & asparagus in butter sauce

Scallop & Asparagus 12
Scallop & asparagus in butter sauce

Pork with Kimchi 12.50
Pork with spicy pickled nappa cabbage


Tempura (Appetizer)(S)12.50    (L)24

Veggie Tempura (Appetizer) (S)10.50    (L)20

Chicken Karaage 8.50
Deep fried chicken

Spicy Calamari 8.50

Kaki Fry 8.50
Breaded oyster



Tuna Carpaccio 10.50
With crispy onion

Shiitake Shinjo 12.50
Shiitake mushroom tempura stuffed with surimi shrimp

Gyoza 8.50
Pan fried Japanese dumpling

Sunomono (Ebi/Tako/Crab meat) 8.50
Rice vinaigrette cucumber with your choice

Chawan Mushi 8.50
Egg custard


Served with soup, salad and rice

Chicken Terriyaki 25

Salmon Terriyaki 28

Beef Terriyaki 28.50

Tempura 28

Veggie Tempura 24


Miso Soup 2.75

Rice 2.75



Ice Cream 4.50
Green Tea/Ginger/Red Bean

Cream Caramel 5.50

Tempura Banana 6.50

Cream Anmitsu 7.50

Plum Wine Jello 5.50

Macha Mousse 5.50

To-Fu Cheese Cake 5

There is a service charge for bringing cake to the restaurant